LU Stop Location Markers

A common sight around London Underground stations, these are used to aid the driver in the correct stopping location. Download Auran DLS Platform: KUID: <KUID2:563140:108:1> Angled Platform LHS: KUID: <KUID2:563140:109:1> Angled Platform RHS: KUID: <KUID2:563140:110:1> Ground: KUID: <KUID2:563140:111:1> Angled Ground LHS: KUID: <KUID2:563140:112:1> Angled Ground RHS: KUID: <KUID2:563140:113:1> Wall:

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LU Power Cabinets

Trackside cabinets like this one are still a common sight at junctions on surface sections of the London Underground. They are always grouped in pairs and contain switches to isolate electrical current from sections of track. The blue numbered cabinet contains the negative current switch, and the red numbered cabinet the positive. Download Auran DLS:

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LU Station Limit Markers

These are London Underground Station Limit Markers, these allow the Train Operator to know how many cars are in the platform in case of an emergency. Download Auran DLS Marker 1: Marker 2: Marker 3: Marker 4: Marker 5: Marker 6: Marker 7: Marker 8:

LU Schoma Loco build log

In connection with the construction of the Jubilee Line Extension project, fourteen diesel-hydraulic locomotives were purchased from Schöma of Germany to assist in equipping the tunnels prior to electrification. Weighing 33.88 tonnes each, they are 28 feet (8.5 m) long, and are powered by 500-horsepower (370 kW) six-cylinder inline diesel engines, which gives them a

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