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LU Tracks

London Underground style tracks, so far, I’ve created Bullhead rail style tracks on wooden sleepers, the pack will include 4th, 4th only (middle power rail), 3rd and no power rail track configurations, later will include Protective Boards configurations. Current progress:High Detailed Meshes – complete.Texture – re-texturingLODs (4-level) – In progress… LOD 0, 1 & 3

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LU Stop Location Markers

A common sight around London Underground stations, these are used to aid the driver in the correct stopping location. Download Auran DLS Platform: KUID: <KUID2:563140:108:1> Angled Platform LHS: KUID: <KUID2:563140:109:1> Angled Platform RHS: KUID: <KUID2:563140:110:1> Ground: KUID: <KUID2:563140:111:1> Angled Ground LHS: KUID: <KUID2:563140:112:1> Angled Ground RHS: KUID: <KUID2:563140:113:1> Wall:

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