• LU High Deck Wagon

    LU High Deck Wagon

  • LU Platform Objects/Clutter

    LU Platform Objects/Clutter

    London Underground Platform Mirror, complete with (the best I could do) reflection! Next to be released are the Platform fences and gates located at each end of the platform, original meshes have been scrapped and have started a new mesh. I’ve also got a platform mesh in the works, designed to the style of modern-dayRead MoreRead More »
  • LU Tracks

    LU Tracks

    London Underground style tracks, so far, I’ve created Bullhead rail style tracks on wooden sleepers, the pack will include 4th, 4th only (middle power rail), 3rd and no power rail track configurations, later will include Protective Boards configurations. Current progress:High Detailed Meshes – complete.Texture – re-texturingLODs (4-level) – In progress… LOD 0, 1 & 3Read MoreRead More »
  • LU Speedposts

    LU Speedposts

    Surface style speedposts. Other versions will include a post-less speed sign (Wall mount for example) Update: 23rd April – retexturingRead More »
  • LU 1992 Stock – Build Log

    LU 1992 Stock – Build Log

    Construction and History The 1992 Stock operates on the Central and Waterloo & City lines, having been introduced from 1993 they were built between 1991-1994 by British Rail Engineering Limited (BREL) (Now Bombardier Transportation). The 85 trains were ordered with each train formed of 4, 2 car units. With each unit made with 2 ofRead MoreRead More »
  • LU Deep Tube Tunnel Kit

    LU Deep Tube Tunnel Kit

  • LU Track Objects

    LU Track Objects

    LU Tube Stock buffer stop, these buffer stops are found on Deep Tube lines, for example, Bakerloo, Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadily and Waterloo & City lines.Read More »
  • LU Signals and Speed Signs (Tunnels)

    LU Signals and Speed Signs (Tunnels)

    London Underground tunnel signals (with working trainstop) and speed signs.Read More »
  • LU General Purpose Wagon [Build Log]

    LU General Purpose Wagon [Build Log]

  • LU Low (Well) Wagon

    LU Low (Well) Wagon